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To get your church signed up, please contact info@biketochurch.com - also see the Be Involved link above. Plan out your ride ahead of time. The local trails or bicycle routes are a great way to get to church. No matter what, wear a helmet for all of your bike rides and obey all traffic laws. Be safe!

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Christ Lutheran Church - Overland Park, KS

Christ Lutheran Church

The Godly Green Team of Christ Lutheran will be welcoming bicyclists to worship on National Bike to Church Day - August 25, 2013.

Free snacks will be available at Christ Lutheran. Enjoy some fellowship as you eat your treats!

Christ Lutheran Church is the original church for National Bike to Church Day.

If you have not ridden or walked your chosen route, it is highly recommended to do that once prior to your Sunday ride.

Mileages are approximations and could vary slightly.

Johnson County publishes a Trail Guide for Hiking & Biking. We will have some copies available at church. It is also possible to request or download a copy.

Many of the school locations noted on the map have parking.

Christ Lutheran Church
11720 Nieman Road
Overland Park, KS 66210

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