Be Involved

We appreciate everyone who chooses to ride during our event, but we need help from more people. Please sign up for these positions by contacting


You can be a state or regional hub for our event. A hub will build relationships with local congregations and will encourage them to sign up for National Bike to Church Day. They will provide resources as needed to those congregations. Building relationships with local media will also help spread the word about National Bike to Church Day. We are counting on the hubs to be the main support of each region in National Bike to Church Day.


Spokes are the representatives of the local congregations. Spokes encourage members of the congregations to ride. They also encourage the riders to bring friends to National Bike to Church Day. Distributing posters and brochures as well as updating church webpages and e-mail lists be standard ways of getting the word out, but don't limit yourselves to these basic methods. We are counting on all of you spokes to hold National Bike to Church Day true!